Thursday, June 15, 2006

Media Group Therapy

I am a Republican (sorry folks), but not a party-line type. I neither love nor hate Bush, which I guess puts me in a group of about 4 other people in the country. But I am pretty partisan when it comes to the role of the press in disseminating news. You will likely find a number of my future posts addressing this subject in some detail. But for the moment, I would like to make an appeal to the various national political reporters who were forced to report that Karl Rove probably won't go to jail. That appeal - please seek some therapy, cuz you really look heartbroken. Poor Charlie Gibson looked like his cat had just died when he delivered the Rove news on WNT. Poor David Shuster has been very quiet in light of his previous gleeful prediction that Rove would be indicted. I have no great love for Rove, but I do have a rather acute disdain for members of the press who choose to live in their self-deluded fantasy of objectivity and neutrality, rather than admit the obvious - that they, along with everyone else on the planet, is biased and holds certain presuppositions about life that inevitably influences the job they do, the questions they ask, the stories they pursue, and the conclusions they reach. This is a real hobby-horse of mine, which I will no doubt expound upon in future posts.

For those astute readers, yes, I am a Reformed presuppositionalist of the Frame variety.


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